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Pokemon and College

My name's Dani, I'm 26. I like foggy nights and messing with my hair. Tbh, this blog is 95% "Big Three" fandom posts. Oh, and lots of gay ships. I also read and write fanfic, so there will be recs or self-promoting from time to time.
Apr 18 '14


buying clothes that aren’t black is hard

Apr 18 '14






Apr 18 '14


*blasts “I’m just a kid” by simple plan and cries*

Apr 18 '14
Apr 18 '14

Anonymous asked:

No anger, but why are bronies trash?




well let’s see

  • appropriated a TV show aimed at little girls and made it solely about themselves (and will, as the post I reblogged indicates, pitch a shit when you bring up this fact)
  • took characters from a show created and written by a feminist about feminist ideals and reduced them to nothing but over-sexualized waifu material and a mouthpiece for their misogynistic bullshit agenda (see Princess Molestia)
  • draw copious amounts of pornography of said characters, post them where they’re easily accessed by minors and then pitch a shit when other people tell them that they need to tag it or post it to appropriate websites
  • complacent (eager, even) to send death and rape threats to a teenage girl for trying (and succeeding) to get Princess Molestia taken down
  • sexually harassing minors, sexually harassing VAs at brony conventions
  • go into Absolute Batshit Racist Mode when any humanized ponies are depicted as ANYTHING other than white
  • fandom is fraught with homophobia/transphobia/transfetishism (Futashy)
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc
  • I’m sure there’s a lot more but I honestly try to keep approximately 800000000000000 parsecs away from this putrid group of people, after—especially after—receiving several hateful comments simply because I stated (in passing) I didn’t like the show
  • and no, I really super do not care if “not all bronies are like that”; if you want to use willful ignorance as an excuse to associate yourself with a toxic fandom then that’s your business. don’t bring it to me

How about just fucking stop. Ugh, luckily I’m to tied to even tedious to this properly but I really hate generalized bullshit like this

lmfao these aren’t even generalizations these are things that have actually happened

so no I’m not going to “just fucking stop” because you don’t want to feel guilty about how unbelievably shitty a lot of your fandom is

Apr 18 '14



So only home girl from frozen can turn up

There’s is nothing I don’t love about that sentence

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Apr 18 '14


things to say during sex: 

  • ne ne papa 
  • wine choudai 
  • let’s make an alliance 
  • easy peasy japaneasy
  • china i choose you 
  • i’m the hero
  • prussia isn’t dead
  • whats a cold
  • suck ball
  • oh crap my fish
  • i think it tastes like sandwiches
  • i’m thinking of painting my house a wicked hipster pink
  • i once killed a man with his own mustache and a grape
  • i’m canadia
  • am i catholic…or protestant? god, i don’t know
  • i may be small but i’ve got a big heart

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Apr 18 '14


Me: Hmm, it’s 11:30, I’ll just check tumblr before bed
Me: Why is it 3am now

Apr 18 '14


That’s the show.

Apr 18 '14
Apr 18 '14

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Apr 18 '14


do you ever see clothing you really like and you just know you’ll look terrible in it 

Apr 18 '14




two robots who are girlfriends and one is super high tech and the other is kind of a cheap poorly made model and shes really self conscious compared to her shiny new state of the art girlfriend but the high tech girlfriend is like shhshhshh no baby ur adorable glitches and faulty parts and all

So basically lesbian wall.e?

#is it even 100%certain that wall.e is a guy anyway


Apr 18 '14


am i the only one who rehearses things i might say in advance? and i don’t mean like my theoretical oscars acceptance speech i mean like what i’ll say to the pizza guy when i answer the door in my pjs

Apr 18 '14